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A London based holiday club for children aged 4-11.  Miss Sophie, a qualified primary school teacher has recognised the growing need parents have to entertain children in London during the weekends and long school holidays.

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Why you and your little ones will love Miss Sophie’s?

If you are planning on how to entertain your little ones during the school holidays, help is at hand from a bonafide expert. London resident, qualified teacher and experienced tutor Sophie Duncanson has a plan for everyone. With a ratio of 1:4, every child enjoys full participation and lots of teacher contact.

Miss Sophie ensures that the trips are designed to engage the children; with activity packs and science experiments on hand to ensure they get the most out of each and every visit. With a vast array of parks, museums and monuments to visit there is always a day to suit everyone.  Whether your child is an aspiring scientist, a creative artist or an active sportsman.  They are sure to be inspired by their days out.

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A Grand Day Out

A Grand Day Out

Miss Sophie’s holiday club incorporates Literacy, Art, History and Science into informal days spent with the children.  Miss Sophie’s caters for each child, and encourages mixed ages and mixed abilities.

Previous trips include a river boat to Greenwich to explore the Cutty Sark, a treasure hunt around London to look for Roald Dahl’s dream jars before making our very own, and a historical day spent at Hampton Court Palace exploring Henry VIII’s dinners.



Have a look at our Upcoming Events Below

We are always looking for new adventures at Miss Sophie’s and therefore our events and outings change regularly. Please check our recent listings to find out where our travels will be taking us next. We run during school holidays, half terms and also offer weekends.

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Beasts of London 1

Beasts of London

Tuesday 29th October

  • Drop off Location: Chelsea Old Town Hall SW3
  • Age: 4-11
  • Drop off time: 9.30
  • Collection time: 3.30
  • Trip Locations: Beasts of London - Museum of London
Beasts of London 2 Find out more
Tower of London 1

Tower of London

Wednesday 30th October

  • Drop off Location: Chelsea Old Town Hall SW3
  • Age: 4-11
  • Drop off time: 9.30
  • Collection time: 3.30
  • Trip Locations:
Tower of London 2 Find out more
Maritime Museum & Cutty Sark 1

Maritime Museum & Cutty Sark

Thursday 31st October

  • Drop off Location: Chelsea Old Town Hall SW3
  • Age: 4-11
  • Drop off time: 9.30am
  • Collection time: 3.30pm
  • Trip Locations:
Maritime Museum & Cutty Sark 2 Find out more

Don’t believe the hype?
...see what the parents say!

‘Dear Miss Sophie… so happy to hear that Miss Sophie’s is back…..’

‘My daughter loves this so much, she will be keen to join for a couple of your summer camp days…’

“What a wonderful week William is having!  He is always so excited in the morning to go to his holiday camp with you and his little friends.  I love hearing about what he gets up to when I pick him up and telling his dad all he has seen when he gets home’…

“…Many thanks for all you do – Freddie absolutely ADORES your camp and as a working mum, I would be at a loss without it!!”

Insights, Inspiration & Imagination

Have you ever wondered how to entertain a 5 year old on a rainy day…..Why children behave in the way they do… Or how to motivate stubborn readers and writers? 

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