March 25, 2017 Posted by Sophie

Building confidence in Maths

Have you ever wondered how to motivate little minds or how to engage your child in Maths?  A new app may have the answer to captivating your child and making the daunting prospect of Maths fun again.

I recently came across an inspiring new App called Doodle Maths.  A little boy bounded up to me to tell me about all the sums he had been doing in order to build his robot.  Puzzled by his increased enthusiasm for the subject, and curious about the robot, I asked him to tell me more.  He showed me in great detail how he was practising daily maths tasks, which in turn allowed him to win ‘Doodle stars’ which kept his robot happy.

Every learner has their own unique Zone of Proximal Development (ZPD) – the narrow band that is the difference between what a learner can do without help, and what he or she can do with help.  DoodleMaths identifies this zone and creates a daily-practice work program based around it, filling in gaps and ensuring continual progression.  This little chap had only recently started with his new Maths app and I could already see the progression in lessons.  Not only did numbers excite him, but he also wanted to do Maths at every opportunity.

The material is fun, colourful and engaging and will allow your child to build the confidence that so many young children lack in this subject. This is homework practice that is tuned to what children want, and allows independent learning.   I would highly recommend Doodle Maths to help your child over the long Easter and Summer break.

Download the app now: