April 19, 2017 Posted by Sophie

Meet your new business gurus

I was fascinated by a recent article I read by Paul Lindley, the founder of the organic baby food brand Ella’s Kitchen, in which he explained why we should all learn to ‘grow down’.  

The aim was to create a brand that improved a child’s relationship with food.  In doing so they aimed to see the world through a child’s eyes, inventing products that appealed predominantly to children, using simple terminology, e.g. ‘the red one’, ‘the yellow one’ and ‘the green one’.  Simple child friendly vocabulary was all that was needed to cement the core values of the company, ‘to be childlike’. In doing so, they understood what makes a child tick, and this got me thinking. 

We all look to teach our children how to grow into intelligent, useful and well-rounded adults.  However in teaching them we can often forget to understand how a child thinks, learns and develops.  If you think as you once did as a child, a wealth of opportunities can open up.  When you were a child everything was new, there were no rules and you worked everything out yourself.   Things like being tenacious, being creative, being confident, being collaborative and living in the now – all of which can make us better people and educators. 

Next time you spend time with your child, ask yourself ‘what can I learn from them?’ If we practice the art of learning from our youngsters then we can learn how to develop these core values:

Be Confident

  • Get noticed
  • Be creative
  • Dive right in
  • Never give up
  • Have fun 
  • Show your feelings
  • Involve others

Let your child be a child, let him or her develop these abilities, and in doing so don’t forget to discover what you can learn from the little people, who dive boldly into life’s journey.